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What started off as just a hobby and creative outlet when hosting friends and family quickly turned into an unexpected craze! My love for food and feeding everyone was all the go and shifted to a business idea, combining my creativity, attention to detail, and love of social events - Decor and Graze was born.


The farthest thing from your average “chippies and dip” came the Graze Boards, Tables and Box options, they are the highlight of any event, including cocktail parties, weddings, kids parties, birthdays, corporate functions, baby showers, engagement parties, you name it; we’ll be there to make your party an Instagram-worthy showcase! “When extravagant is wanted and only the best will do”, Decor and Graze will elevate your event to the next level.


I believe that life is a work of art and every occasion should be a part of that masterpiece. Whether it’s for a boujee wedding or a quiet date night for two, my gifted talent for seeing beyond the cheese and charcuterie board and creating a memorable moment is first and foremost. This passion ultimately inspired the launch of Decor and Graze in 2017 with the vision of creating stunning and jaw dropping flare to events, elevating moments to be remembered for a lifetime.


I drive Decor and Graze forward with an intuitive balance of life lessons and growth through pain skills along with my career in cheffing and catering this has truly pathed the way for success in my field. My culinary skills show in every master piece that is created and each one not ever like the other. 


While businesses were scrambling to take their operations online when covid hit and changing level announcements were made, so did I….however, 

I took the opportunity in front of me to enhance my box options and crafted this to suit each announcement and event at hand as well as being contactless.


“You attract more opportunities when you are calm because no wants to deal with people who lack emotional control”. 


The Ultimate Brunch Box was my very first box offering, and it’s still on the menu today, with a growing line of products for every occasion, as well as an upcoming growth market for our finger food catering menu. 


These days I’m juggling working in and on the business, motherhood and self development through exercise. Still based in south Auckland, New Zealand and loving everything life has to offer.